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A classic rock band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our mission is to bring rock and roll back into the spotlight of sonic sound and space. We hope our love for music will shine through, and we invite you to follow us on our journey.

We began as a few friends in a basement, hanging out and making some music. Maximilian Anderson and Mason Brindley began playing alongside one another in the summer of 2021. Our original trio formed after Lucas Helm was influenced to pick up the bass. The final piece of the puzzle, Andie Christensen, was added just before our first live show.

Our love and commitment for one another and for our music has propelled us to the place that we are today. Through all the countless long hours in the studio, loading and unloading of equipment, and all of the stress of writing, recording, releasing, and performing, our passion for this art is what drives us to get better and better each day.They are a 10 piece band with a full brass section.